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"The Arrangement" by Texanlady

Jul 16, 2010.

Synopsis: Bill's disappearance forces Sookie to call on Eric for aid. Eric of courses offers to help, but for a price. Sookie is forced to enter an arrangement with him that threatens all she holds dear, but Eric's determination to have her leaves her no choice.

Rated: M - Romance/Drama
Chapters: 50 Complete: NO

  • This story was pulled from FF, but you can view it in its entirety at Texanlady's Live Journal Account.

"The Arrangement" starts off after the end of Season 2. Bill has disappeared and Sookie seeks Eric's aid in finding him – of course, being the devious vampire that he is and seeing an opportunity to get what he wants, Eric strikes up an arrangement with Sookie to ensnare her into being his. Eric demands that Sookie must let him feed from her until he finds Bill. Sookie agrees, and the plot unfolds into something much bigger than anyone could have imagined, leaving the reader wanting to know what happens next.

 However, what really engrossed me was the development between Sookie and Eric; it drew me in and brought me to care about what was going on between them.  And if I'm honest, that is what has kept me reading for 50 chapters, plus all the lemony goodness  – though it is several chapters before Sookie and Eric actually get together. When they do however,  it's an exceptionally good read.  That in mind, this story is about more than just a huge shag-a-thon between Sookie and Eric, and if you take the time to read it, then you can come to appreciate what the author is trying to achieve with the two characters.

Overall, TexanLady & NYCSnowbird really do an outstanding job in, "The Arrangement", as it is very well written, and aside from all the above, this story really has to be read if purely just for the chapter where Eric makes a fool of himself at Wal-mart while on a date with Sookie – utter genius.

There's a long wait for Sookie and Eric to finally get together, but the citrus slices along the way make the wait for lemonade worthwhile! 

This is a great story. I love devious Eric and the sexual tension she builds is yummy. And it has very unique twists -- promise you won't get bored.

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Happy reading! 


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