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"Sometimes a Fantasy" by greenlemons

Nov 11, 2010.

Synopsis: AU. What if Sookie had gone to see Eric after Godric died? What if it wasn't interrupted by her waking up? What if she had to return to Bill after her early morning rendez-vous with the Viking? Lemons.

Rated: M - Romance 
Chapters: 16 - Complete: YES


This fic was meant to be a one shot of what could have happened if Sookie had gone to visit a grieving Eric after Godric's death. Due to an overwhelming response, the author decided to continue this amazing story using TB season 3 spoilers and ideas from CH's book 3. The author's writing is superb and the story is captivating. This was my 'Drop everything and read story' for a long time. The second chapter is my personal fave ~ it is Eric's POV of what happened in his hotel room that fateful night. You will not be disappointed! A definite MUST READ!

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