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"The Ties that Bind Me" by Djehmli

Nov 8, 2010.

Synopsis: AU/OOC - What if Sookie only met Eric once and Bill was able to follow through and deliver her to the Queen. What happens years later when Sookie has full use of her Fae powers.

Rated: M - Romance/Angst 
Chapters: 20 - COMPLETE: YES


After meeting Eric at Fangtasia (from Book 1), Sookie is kidnapped by Bill and taken prisoner by the Queen and Andre. For 10 years, she is at their mercy until Eric comes to take over Louisiana as the new king. Will Sookie bend to her new vampire Master or will Eric employ 'other' methods to make Sookie his?  Full of intrigue and action, this fic is a great read! :D

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