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"I Will Not Break" by Charlotte Clark

Jul 2, 2010.

Synopsis: What would happen if Sookie found herself in a vulnerable situation...with no one to protect her? This is a step back from my usual style of writing, I guess you could call it an experiment. **Rated M for a very adult subject matter**

Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Supernatural 
32 Chapters - Complete - YES


I just love this story! CC's Eric is so awesome and this story is just beautiful. Sookie is kidnapped and raped, but ever the survivor, Sookie manages to escape and take vengeance. Just as she tries to piece her life together and enjoy being with the man she loves, her past trauma comes back to haunt her. Eric is truly supportive and makes me *swoon* at every turn - giving Sookie his unconditional love. But there are other forces against the couple as they discover who was really behind Sookie's kidnapping. My favorite part of this fic is when Sookie gets hold of some fairy blood and uses it on Eric! *faints* Trust me, it's a definite MUST read from The Queen of Angst! 

It's an awesome story; love it!

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Happy reading! 


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