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“The Peace Offering” by Wylis

Aug 9, 2011.

Synopsis: 700 years ago Prince Niall gave up his most precious possession- his mostly Human great granddaughter- to end the war between Vampires and Fairies. A/U

Rated: M - Romance/Adventure 
Chapters: 25 – Completed: YES

In this AU fic, the year is 1270 A.D. and the war between Fae and vampires has been raging for 120 years. Each side, weary of warfare and suffering heavy losses, considers peace. The Fae are the first to cede, and the vampire king, Halbjorn, proposes a marriage to unify both races. Niall, the Fairy Prince, agrees to give his most prized possession to the vampire king – his great granddaughter, Sookie.

Sookie, resigned to her fate, accepts her great grandfather’s edict, but she’s just met and fallen in love with Eric, an injured vampire she found on the beach and nursed to back to health. Eric shares her feelings and experiences love for the first time since he was turned.

They live out their romance for a few days until it is time to face reality. Will Sookie really go through sacrificing her life for her people, or will she throw everything away to be with Eric?  And will Eric let her go so easily? Read and find out! You won’t be disappointed – this is a GREAT READ!

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Cageyspice said...

The Peace Offering is Wylis' finest fic to date. Those of us who are addicted to her know that it's not only her genius at writing achingly beautiful angst, but the diversity of her stories that keeps us coming back for more. Every single story - and she has been prolific in the short time she has been writing fanfic - is completely unique and brilliantly conceived. She captures not only the scene, and the voices of the characters, but also alters her language use and writing style to suit the period. Wylis is the real deal, girls. I'm sure one day we'll be buying her books. Check her out! You won't regret it.

SouthernLady23 said...

Hiya, Cageyspice! Thanks so much for commenting! I totally agree, bb. Wylis is just amazing; we're so glad you liked our recommendation. *hugs* :)

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