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"Taken" by XDarkDesiresX

Jan 18, 2011.

Synopsis: Buildup and smut featuring Sookie and Eric. My 1st fanfic. I have only seen the show, so I apologize if there are plot problems. If you are not into domination and submission, this may not be the right story for you.

Rated: M - Romance/Supernatural 
Chapters: 11 - Complete: YES

XDarkDesiresX totally lives up to her name in this devious and yummy Eric fic. Find out what happens when Eric can no longer sit and wait for Sookie to come to him. It's a great lemony ride and a DEFINITE MUST READ!

This story also has a sequel called, "No Going Back" that deals with what Bill has to say about Sookie finally yielding to the Viking. Check it out:

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