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Author's Corner: Meet My Secret O, author of the SVM fic, "Getaway"

May 9, 2011.

Author's Corner: Meet My Secret O!

EricJacobLover  Welcome to the Red Passion Room, dear fanged readers! I’m here with My Secret O, author of the very wonderfully erotic fic, “Getaway” (Click to see synopsis).  Is it okay to call you that, or would you prefer to be called by another name?

   Thank you for having me,EJL. You can call me whatever you like.

EJL  Great! Okay, your fic, “Getaway” starts off with our favorite couple going to Iceland.  How did you pick that locale?  The scenes that you wrote there are amazing!

MSO   Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed their trip to Iceland.  It's a country that I have always wanted to visit and when I researched the short day length during the winter, I couldn't resist. It meant there would be more time for our lovers to spend together.

EJL I'm glad you did, their time there was beautiful. 

MSO  Iceland is also a country rich in Viking history, so it was good all the way around, plus all the geothermal pools where they could explore nature, naked, without Sookie freezing were all things I took into consideration.

EJL I loved the scene at the pools.  Oh, where are my manners? Would you like a drink?  We've made a drink in your honor, the Taboo Orgasm, its sweet with a little bite..

MSO Please, I prefer to be lucid for interviews; otherwise I might say something I would regret.

EJL *laughs* I’m sure our bartender, James can make it virgin if you wish. Let me call a waiter over. *waves* Al!

Al Ladies, good evening. May I take your orders? *winks at MSO*

MSO * smiles invitingly*

EJL Al, a virgin taboo orgasm for my friend here, and make mine a double, with the hard stuff please. * smiles with a wink*

Al Coming right up, ladies.

MSO *Undresses him with her eyes as he walks away* What a great ass...

EJL *clears throat* Well, I'm not telepathic like Sookie, but I can guess what you're thinking. *giggles* So, where were we? Oh, yes. Tell me a little bit more about your first full fic, “Getaway”. What  inspired you to write it?

MSO  The need to give Eric and Sookie a happy ever after. Books 9 and 10 were very dark, and very hard to read for me. I was desperate for them to enjoy each other.

EJL Had you written anything prior to Fan Fic?

MSO Yes, I had written before, but only scientific papers, and I hated those! Writing fan fiction was the first time I wrote anything for pleasure.  I started reading the books after the third season of TB finished - I read them in a week and didn't sleep much - but when I was done, I needed more.  That’s when I found Fan Fiction. Most of the stories I read used angsty or sad elements to keep the story going, but I wanted to see Eric and Sookie happy and set about to write that. I think CH's books are filled with enough angst and drama, you know? So it was fun to create a fantasy where Sookie and Eric could be happy together. If they wanted something, they got it. It was that simple. I'm not sure I've kept all of my readers interested, but the ones that review seem to be happy with what I’ve come up with.

EJL   I know I am!

MSO The sex definitely doesn't hurt.

EJL   No, definitely not. Well, you’ve struck one of my favorite topics – lemons! Here at Fanged Fics, we LOVE lemons and you are a master of taboo lemony goodness.  Bondage, Dominance and submission, public sex, menstrual sex…just to name a few you delved into in “Getaway”. Oh, by the way, the purple strap-on was a big hit!  Where do you get your lemony inspiration?

MSO   When I started writing, I wanted to take Sookie and Eric to a new place where they could be open, explore and be honest with each other. In my story, they have discovered new ways to love each other. I have a very healthy sexual appetite and much of what I write is based on personal experience and the rest is based on fantasies firmly rooted in my lemony mind. *giggles* 

Al Well someone's got adorable laugh pegged down. *winks* Ladies, your drinks.

EJL  Just in time, Al. *takes a sip*

MSO Thank you. *takes a sip*

Al  Anytime.Mind telling me what was so funny?

EJL Maybe MSO can tell you later. *grins* Are you still on the clock, Al?

Al Just got off. I'm going to hang here for a bit. *turns to MSO* Maybe you'd like to join me after you're done with your interview?

MSO I don't see why not. 

Al  Excellent. *smiles and leaves* 

EJL  *takes a sip* Mmm, that certainly hit the spot. Now, one of the things I love about your fic is how Eric not only dominates in the bedroom, but is also able to switch to being a submissive to Sookie. Is that the case?

MSO  Mmm...yes. This drink is delicious. Well, I'd really like to point out that yes, Eric enjoys playing both sides, as does Sookie. In general, the BSDM in this fic is all about trust and love.  No pain, no discomfort.  It’s all safe and fun. I think it’s easy for both of my characters to switch because my Eric has fully given himself to my Sookie, and their love gives them more freedom. I believe that if you trust someone, you are much more comfortable with them. So, I think my Eric is comfortable being dominated by her because he trusts and loves her.           

EJL   Yes, I love that! You know even though there is a lot of lemony play in your fic, the tenderness and love the couple feel for one another always shines through.  Was that a conscious decision?

MSO   Yes, very.  For my readers out there - one of my favorite examples is when they go to Amante's.  Sookie is terrified to perform in front of strangers, but she realizes how incredible Eric feels, and by being a part of the experience she fulfills his desires. To me, I feel that’s what love is all about : making the conscious decision to do something you wouldn't normally do, to step away from your comfort zone, to make someone else happy. *sighs* I'm a hopeless romantic.

EJL  Same here! But besides Eric and Sookie, there is another couple heating up your fic – Pam and her girlfriend, Laurie. Can we expect more from these two? 

MSO   Yes, Pam and Laurie are so much fun! I love that I get to write a human putting Pam in her place. Well, I intend to write more Laurie and Pam in future chapters, maybe put a love-spat to spice things up? Their chemistry is already explosive to begin with, but they love to fight and make up.

EJL   Oh great! I can’t wait to read about that. Well, I’d love to know what has been your favorite scene between Eric and Sookie?

MSO  A Meeting of the Minds, A Meeting of the Bodies was my favorite scene.  I loved writing how Sookie dominates Eric. *fans self* Is it just me or is it hot in here?

EJL  *laughs* Oh, was that scene where Sookie ties Eric to a bench?

MSO  Oh yes!

EJL   *fans self* So hot! I don't think it's just you; it does seem a bit on the warm side. *takes another sip*

MSO Speaking of hot, look who else can't stand the heat.*points over to Al and purrs* 

EJL Wow! *laughs* Well, before all hell breaks loose, I have to know: If "Getaway" had a soundtrack, what songs would be on it?

MSO *takes a moment to look at Al as he begins to dance* Oh well...Of Montreal has been my major inspiration for the entire story. Songs like "Nonpareil of Favor", "Your Magic is Working" , and "Plastic Wafers" was on repeat loop while I wrote the scene at Amante's. For the club scenes, I was also inspired by their song, "Id Engager" and Lady Gaga's, "Show Me Your Teeth" and "Paparazzi". Also, Hot Rod's song, "I like to Fuck" which suits their sex-capades in the club.

EJL: That's awesome! Another thing I'd like to mention is that you've added a link to your profile page that allows readers to visualize the outfits that Sookie wears. Was that difficult to do? Would you encourage other writers to try it out?

MSO   No, it wasn't difficult, and I’d recommend it everyone. My beta, SeriousCrush, showed me how to use it, so I created a page just for Sookie and Eric. I crave details and if I can provide something tangible that my readers can use to see what I'm describing, then it makes it that much better.  I find it an improvement over posting shopping links that might expire. These links don't go bad; it stays in my shopstyle book forever.

EJL I really love that. Well, this heat's getting to me. Probably the A/C in the club just went out. Let me ask you one final question. What's next for “Getaway”?  Are there any spoilers you can give us?    

MSO  Well, I can say that Sookie is ready to leave Las Vegas.  Pam is going to organize a reception since the LA vamps are coming to show respect for Eric, and acceptance for Sookie over their marriage. We'll also get to hang out with Robert a bit more and meet his new girlfriend.

EJL   Oh, yay!  Are you working on anything else that might appeal to our Viking loving readers?

MSO   I just posted a new one shot.  Take me now, you big Viking!  It’s set after Eric takes Sookie to meet Niall in "From Dead to Worse" and they're attacked by that Were that shoots at them and hits Eric in the neck. In this one shot, Sookie offers to help Eric 'recover'. I also have a half dozen other story lines outlined, they've just been waiting while I write “Getaway”, but “Take Me Now...” got through.  I couldn't wait. 

EJL Speaking of not being able to wait, seems like someone's calling you over to dance with them. 

MSO  Oh my! 

EJL Before you go, I must ask the obligatory question. What was the name of the first fan fic you ever read and what are you reading now? 

*eyes Al* The first fic I read and enjoyed was, "Taken" by XDarkDesiresX - it is seriously hot! And the most recent fic I've read is kg1586's, "Girl's Night Out" - can't wait to find out how that ends!

EJL   Well, thank you so much, MSO, for such a great interview! 

MSO Thank you! I had a great time, EJL! *MSO gives a quick hug and joins Al* 

EJL Looks like your time has just begun! *winks*  Have fun you two!

Thank you for reading, dear Fanged Readers! Hope you enjoyed the interview just as much as I did! If you haven’t already, go read My Secret O’s fic, “Getaway” We promise you won’t be disappointed  - and don’t forget to review! It’s the only payment for an author’s work! *tight hugs* 

P.S. If you're a fan of this fic like I am - I know you're dying to know what Eric was reading on his Kindle! Submit a comment below and I'll be happy to let you know what book it was! ;)


Kathy said...

EJL, awesome interview, Al certainly was a great bit of eye candy, and I love MSO and her wonderful story, Getaway. I love to "getaway" from all the angst out there and enjoy ESN enjoying each other. MSO is a Queen of lemony deliciousness and I'm so glad she is sharing her talent with us. kathy79

SouthernLady23 said...

Awesome interview, EJL; loved it! But what was on Eric's Kindle? I have to know! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Wonderful interview!! I love the scene setting.
I have been following MSO's 'Getaway' for a while and I must say I love it. She never disappoints. Her lemons are especially delicious. Her imagination...*fans self* is so naughty, I just can't seem to get enough. I look forward to more from her.
I have just become a fan of yours. This set up you have her is fabulous and fabulously taboo! I'm heading over to check out your recommendations now. I have already read most of the Complete list of Fanged Fics. Now that I have been introduced to the Author's Corner I will be sure to check back in to see what you're up to.


SouthernLady23 said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us, anon! So glad you liked the interview and the blog! *tight hugs* :)

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