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"Waking The Blood of the Dead: Revamped" by SouthernLady23

Jul 2, 2010.

Synopsis: Set after Book 8. Can Eric convince Sookie to renew their bond and stay in this realm with him, or does Sookie have a hidden agenda to make him fall in love?

Rated: M - Romance/Humor
Chapters: 17 - Complete: YES


My first fic I ever wrote! When Sookie decides Eric is 'The One' she goes to great lengths to ensure the Viking's sole affections - not knowing that Eric has plans of his own to make her his. Read how these two get their wires crossed, and how they come together in the end. My fave scene was the public mating ceremony with Eric and Sookie on top of the Corvette! *faints* There's lots of laughs, action, and lemons in this fic as well. Promise you won't be disappointed! It's a DEFINITE MUST READ!

 I love the Corvette…and a frisky Sookie.  A great read.  I couldn't put it down.

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Happy reading! 


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