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"Pour Some Sugar On Me" by BonTempsBaby

Jul 23, 2010.

Synopsis: Total romance between Sookie and Eric, with more action in 2nd half. Takes place right after FDTW, no spoilers for DAG. Rated M, for mature language and situations.

Rated: M - Romance/Supernatural 
Chapters: 62 - Complete: YES

Was introduced to this fic by the girls who just L-O-V-E it! Have fun sinking your teeth into the 60+ chappies!

This story has one of the BEST plot twists ever with Bon Temps Baby's take on a 'Second Bonding'.  It creates a plot that has you scrolling and following with tears and anticipation!  Not to mention it has one of my top 2 favorite OC, Sir Robert!

One of my faves, simply love it!

Total romance, great lemons, great suspense.  Addicted to Love is the sequel and still going.

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Happy reading! 


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