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"Eric's Wish" by hearttorn

Jul 2, 2010.

4 - One Shots

Synopsis: "Eric's Wish." Eric reflects on his relationship with Sookie and his wish for the future

"Eric's Wish Pt 2." Sookie has some questions after Eric makes his big request. Follows "Eric's Wish."

"Eric's Wish Pt 3." Eric gets the answer to his question. Follows parts one and two.

"Eric's Wish Pt 4." Eric and Sookie's relationship takes a "turn."
Rated: M - Romance 
Chapters: 4 - Complete: YES


These 4 One-shots were awesome! Loved how Eric got his 'wish'. A great read!

Series of one shots following a central topic of Eric's Wish.   I just love what Eric Wishes for and the journey that brought them to where they end up.   Lovely story!!

These four one-shots are an amazing window into Eric’s love for Sookie.  They are lovely – you won’t be disappointed.

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Happy reading! 


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