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"Destined To Be" by Nachtperle

Jul 2, 2010.

Synopsis: Takes place after From Dead to Worse Book 8 . Eric wants an understanding with Sookie, when she declines he takes matters into his own hands. WARNING- Story contains really explicit mature content and crude language - you have been warned

Rated: M - Supernatural/Romance
Chapters: 42 - STATUS: Abandoned Fic


I just have one word: LEMONS. LOL - love this lemony fic!

Are You looking for hot raunchy lemons??  If so you have found the story that has it all!!   This started as a PWP but eventually Natch pushed a plot in there that works with the lemony goodness.   This story is H O T!

Some of the best lemons ever written.  And who on earth would accept a challenge to stay with Eric Northman for 10 minutes without begging him for some lovin’?  Seriously?  Also has great action and drama.

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Happy reading! 


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