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Nov 8, 2010.

Hello, Dear Fanged Fic Readers! Thank you so much for making our SVM/TB Fangalicious Fan Fiction Blog such a success! 

We are glad to report that our Fanged Fics list has grown tremendously and we expect it to keep continuing to do so. For this reason, from now on, we are only adding one story per author and deleting any on-going stories from our blog that are not complete and have been abandoned for more than 5 months, so that we can keep the list as current as possible.

We would also like to take some time to thank all of you who sent us Fanged Fic Recommendations! They are greatly appreciated and we love how much support our Blog is getting! We've also updated the Recommendation page and we're also thinking of revamping the site in the near future to accommodate our growing Blog! 

Yours truly, 
the F&FF Staff


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