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The Viking's Pet: The Full Story by Fan of the Fang

Sep 12, 2010.

Synopsis: Concentrating on Eric after the Great Revelation. This begins before Dead Until Dark, before Eric meets Sookie. We are introduced to Eric's Pet who tells the story. It's a little smutty and Our Favourite Viking is in control! Enjoy!

Rated: M - Romance
Chapters: 83- COMPLETE:  YES

Completely fell in love with this story. It's not a Sookie/Eric pairing as this story is set 2 years before Eric meets Sookie. We are introduced to Victoria who came all the way from England to be with the Viking. Awesome lemony goodness and angst as we prepare for Eric to break Victoria's heart when he leaves her for Sookie - or will he? Can't wait to find out! A definite MUST READ!

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Happy reading!


FanOfTheFang said...

SouthernLady - Thank you so much for adding me to Fangtabulous & Fangalicious Fics!

The banner looks amazing!

I'm working on Chapter 15

SouthernLady23 said...

Hiya, Fan of the Fang!

I'm so glad you like the banner, and we just love your story! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! *hugs*

FanOfTheFang said...

Chapter 15 out tonight - such a shame work gets in the way of the important things in life!

But it's Friday! Whoop!

FanOfTheFang said...

Chapter 17 is out - Chapter 18 is on it's way....

SouthernLady23 said...

Hiya, Fan of the Fang! Thanks for all the awesome updates! *hugs*

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