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"Controlled Conditions" by Jillian K

Jan 18, 2011.

Synopsis: AU. In a world where organizations like the Fellowship of the Sun are federally funded, Sookie Stackhouse goes to work at a lab where a former vampire sheriff has been reduced to a mere test subject. Tons of angst and hurt Eric.

Rated: M - Angst/Hurt/Comfort 
Chapters: 19 - STATUS: Abandoned Fic


This is a great AU fic where Eric is being held prisoner by the FOTS as their test subject. Sookie, an employee of the FOTS can no longer take all the abuse they subject Eric to, and tells the 1000 year old former Sheriff that she will free him. Find out if she keeps her promise or will Eric be doomed to a fate worse than death? A DEFINITE MUST READ!

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