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“Not From Here” by Roux Roux

Jul 7, 2011.
Synopsis: Sookie and Eric get sucked into a strange and scary world and must work together to find a way home. More detailed summary inside.
Rated: M - Adventure/Romance 
Chapters: 96 – COMPLETED: NO

sl23AVI smallThough this fic  has 93 chapters, you’ll feel hungry for more once you start reading this awesome Alternate Universe fic! Roux Roux created a wonderful new world ruled by Urah-tans –a race of  blue-skinned aliens who have humans as slaves. There are vampires in this new realm as well, but they are mostly wild beasts that don’t even talk – though some of them have been captured and domesticated as sexual pets for the nobility.  (Can you say, ‘yum’? LOL)

After arriving at this new world, Sookie and Eric get separated. Sookie is made a slave while Eric gets taken and is being experimented on. Through a twist of fate, Sookie reveals her telepathy and gets the shock of her life! She is made Queen of the Urah-tans -just in time to save Eric from meeting his final death by claiming the Viking as her personal vampire pet! o.O

Then starts the tug of war between these two as they struggle to survive in this new world, and figure out a way to go back home. With only each other to depend on – their quest for survival quickly turns into something much more than either one of them could ever imagine. ;) *swoons*

You’ll love the power struggles Sookie and Eric engage in as Eric has to play the part of nice pet in public – even wearing a leash for Sookie to lead him on! But when they are behind closed doors, you’ll see who’s really in charge! *faints* Drop what you’re doing and read this fic now! I promise you won’t be disappointed! It’s a DEFINITE MUST READ!

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