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Feb 25, 2011.
Joining me here in our Red Passion Room is the uber talented, YoungBoho, author of “Meet the Moon” – a True Blood Fan Fic.

SL23:  Hello, fellow Eric Fanged Lovers and YoungBoho – may we call you that, or is there another name you prefer?

YB:  YoungBoho is fine with me, Julie. :)

SL23:  Great! Okay, YoungBoho, I think we better get started. But first, would you like a drink? James can take your order.

 YB:  Rawr. I would indeed like a drink. A gin and tonic would taste wonderful right about now.

SL23:  James, a juice cocktail for me please, and a gin and tonic for our lovely guest.

James: Of course. M’lady and lovely guest. *tips hat, winks*

SL23: Mmm, James. Keep that up and you’re bound to get a big tip tonight. *winks* Okay, YoungBoho, I just want to start by saying that we love your fic, “Meet the Moon” at the Fanged Fics Blog. I personally get chills and am constantly on the edge of my seat when reading what Eric and Sookie have to go through in your story. For the readers out there who have not had the pleasure of reading your wonderful fic, could you tell us a little bit about it, and how you came up with the idea?

YB: My story is a little different from anything I’ve read in the fandom so far. It begins right after Godric’s death in season 2 and kind of jets off in its own direction from there. The long and short of it is that Sookie finds out a few pieces of Bill’s betrayal and pushes him away, which does not make him happy. Soon after, she learns of a mysterious “presence” in her house and begins acting strangely. Eric takes notice and drives her home from work one night, when something happens to Sookie that results in her relying on Eric a great deal. A little later in the story, we learn that he needs her just as much.

I actually had no idea how it was going to end up when I started writing it. I’d been so far out of the FF world that I just wanted to get my feet wet a little and see if I could still put a few coherent sentences together. And I really loved Eric and Sookie together and wanted to play with them a little.

SL23:  You’re absolutely right - your fic is so unique! Would you like to reveal more about what type of ‘presence’ is in Sookie’s home for any new readers out there?

YB:  Sure, it's actually a demonic presence.

SL23:  Wow! It's truly fascinating how you introduce this element in your story. How did you mix the SVM world with this subject?

YB: Well, I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and demonic possession, so I thought I’d mix a little of my interests into the SVM/TB universe and see what happens.

SL23: Beautiful magic and awesome writing is what happened! Your fic takes a dramatic turn when this subject is introduced. It’s completely thrilling and riveting. I couldn’t stop reading!

James: Before you get too excited m’lady. Here is your drink, and for your lovely guest. *gives out drinks*

SL23: *takes drink* Perfect timing, James, and don’t be so formal; you’re among friends. This is YoungBoho. You know, the author of ‘Meet the Moon’ - that TB story you just couldn’t stop reading?

James: Yes, of course. I was looking forward to meeting you tonight, YoungBoho.

YB: *Giggles and takes drink* I have to say that it’s very nice to meet you as well.

James: *looks at YoungBoho* Perhaps I could ask you a few questions of my own – after the interview?

YB: I think that can be arranged. *smiles*

SL23: Now look who’s getting excited, you two. *giggles and takes a sip of the cocktail* I hate to bring the tone down, but I really needed a drink to ask you about this next subject. You introduced an original and gripping character that left me speechless when he worked his magic in your fic. Could you please tell me about the shaman, Peter? Are we going to see him again?

YB: Oh, Peter. I love him; he is such a good guy. Basically, he was like a go-between for the mortal and demon realms. He’s very, very powerful and has a certain . . . goodwill about him, which is where a lot of that power comes from. Eric had to pull some serious strings to get his help. Unfortunately, Peter is finally dead and will not be making another appearance in this story.

SL23: No! Really? Aww...I really didn’t want him to die!

YB: I was upset about it, too, honestly, but it had to be done. If it’s any consolation, he left a few helpful tricks/tools lying around to help Eric and Sookie, even though he’s not there to tell them what to do.

SL23: Well, I’m heartbroken, but we must move on... *takes a sip of the cocktail* I wanted to ask you that I found your fic in the early part of November 2010, and in waiting for the updates, I’ve found myself looking back on past chapters. I noticed a few things, like have you been re-writing and editing some of them?

YB: *Sips drink and makes eyes at James* I did make some edits! Last fall I asked the awesome SusanJ51 to beta for me and she was so kind as to go back through all my back chapters and clean up any messes I made. She’s great! I reuploaded a few chapters so far and am trying to find the time to finish the rest.

SL23: So, if I started reading in the early part of November, is there anything crucial you’ve added, or a particular chapter you think your past readers should re-read?

YB: The one big change I made after I posted an update was that Eric had to give Sookie his blood after she was attacked in her home. But that was a long time ago—probably more than a year 0.o. All the other changes I’ve made have been more housekeeping grammar stuff and are more for my own sanity than anything else.

SL23: Perfect! One more thing I wanted to ask you about is the curse Sookie and Eric are under in your fic. It gave me chills when you had them in Eric’s office and it was so hard for them to keep their hands off each other! Just fantastic writing in how they had to fight to stay away. What were your other fans’ reaction to this curse that is thrust upon Sookie and Eric?

YB: *Laughs and takes another drink.* A lot of people were actually jealous of Sookie (though, I can’t say I blame them). People asked me if I was sure I had to break the curse, which made me happy. The sexual tension is a lot of fun to write, and I’m glad that the readers seem to enjoy it as much as I do.

SL23: Yes! I know I was super jealous of Sookie. *laughs and takes a sip* Okay, one last question about, “Meet the Moon.” Can you give us any spoilers on what’s coming up?

YB: *Hmm, good question. I don’t have a set outline in place for this story, more of a general idea of where I want the story to go. I can tell you that we haven’t seen the last of Bill—he’s the big bad in the story, after all. I’m also introducing a few more minor characters who most people should recognize from Season 3 in the next update, one of which will be throwing yet another kink into the Eric and Sookie saga.

I also have a feeling that we’re going to start winding things up for these guys. I wouldn’t expect more than seven or eight chapters before it’s all over.

SL23:Oh my goodness, that's not far to go then. And thank you so much for those awesome spoilers! Can’t wait to read that! Well, YoungBoho, thank you so much for taking the time to come and visit us in our Red Passion Room – where our passion for Fanged Fics is unmatched! But before you go, I must ask the obligatory SVM/TB question. Do you remember the story you read that got you started in the SVM/TB community and what are the ones you're reading right now?

YB: Hmm…I don’t think there was a specific story that made me want to start writing SVM/TB fanfiction. I’d written for some other fandoms before and found that it was a great way to reach out and connect with other fans as well as a fantastic way to practice writing, so after S2 of True Blood ended, I stumbled into TB fanfic.

There are some amazing writers in the fandom right now. Some of my current favorites are "Golden Gothic" by RoseMac, "Hot Blooded" by Jabey, and "An End Has a Start" by moxiemollymo.

SL23: Well, I for one am so glad you took the writing plunge! I can’t wait to read what else you have in store for us, and thank you for sharing with us the stories you're reading.

James: May I take your glasses, ladies?

SL23: Well, James, looks like you got here in time once more. Our interview is done, but I believe you had some questions for Youngboho? No doubt in depth and personal ones? *winks*

James: Yes, you know me so well, m'lady.

SL23: Well, I’ll leave you two alone. Don't stay up too late.*winks*

YB: Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem. *Slowly looks James up and down* Thanks for everything, Julie. I had a great time talking with you!

SL23: Likewise, YoungBoho! *quick hug & leaves* 

James: Well, we're finally alone. Hmm...but before I ask you anything - would you care for a cookie? 

 YB: *wonders how he got out of his clothes so fast* Oh, my! This is going to be a long night. *takes a cookie*

We here at Fanged Fics, hope you enjoyed our first Fanged Author Interview! Many thank you’s to YoungBoho for allowing us to bring her into our Red Passion Room! 

We urge you to please check out her True Blood fan fic called “Meet the Moon.” Sink your fangs in it, and we promise you won’t be disappointed with this thrilling and awesome story! You know what Eric says – Read or Be Drained!


Anonymous said...

So great! The James thing is a hoot!

SouthernLady23 said...

Hiya, ericjacoblover! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with and and so glad you liked it! *hugs* :D

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