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Author’s Corner: Meet Evenflo78, author of the TB fic, 'Instincts'

Oct 13, 2011.
Hello, Fanged Readers!

Here with me today is the lovely, evenflo78 whose story, "Instincts", is featured on the Fanged Fics Blog. Evenflo and I invite you to come with us as we head down to Bon Temps, LA to do a little fic research. Evenflo's behind the wheel while I take in the sights Bon Temps has to offer. Since there's not much to see, why don't I squeeze in an interview with her? Hop in! 

SL23: Is it okay to call you evenflo78 or is there another name you prefer to go by?

Evenflo: Evenflo is fine, though I'm not too secretive when it comes to my name. Kristy works just as well, also.

SL23: Awesome, Kristy. Well, tell us a little bit about 'Instincts' for the select few who have not read it. What inspired you to write it and how did you decide on the title?

Evenflo: I was pretty angry after True Blood's Season 3 Episode 10, and I really, really wanted to change the ending to that particular episode. Seeing as how I couldn't really do it, I settled for doing it in a fanfic.

Instead of Eric going all caveman and chaining Sookie in his basement, he asks her to trust him. She still doesn't know what he has up his sleeve, but she decides to give him a chance. Ultimately, she ends up in his basement anyway, but at least she chose it.

Many things go differently in my story than in the show, the least of which during season 3. Once I got started, I knew I had to go into season 4 a little ways too, which of course, is quite different. Amnesia Eric is probably one of the only similarities.

As for the title, oh boy, let's see. I don't even remember how I decided it, to be honest. Most of the time I sort of just go with whatever pops in my head at the given time I need one. Sometimes it comes out good - other's, not so much.

For example, my penname was decided because I happened to be listening to the song by Pearl Jam at the time I created my fanfic account. So yeah, I'm all about random story titles.

SL23 - OMG I love that! *laughs* Kristy, OMG! *looks in rear view mirror* How fast are you going? 

Evenflo: Why do you ask? *looks in rear view mirror* Oh, crap! He's turned on the lights! *slows vehicle down and pulls over* 

SL23: I'm so sorry, Kristy! I must've distracted you with my questions.

Evenflo: Oh, it was so worth it, Julie! Look what's coming our way! 

SL23: *gulps* Quick; let's switch seats. It was my fault and I'll totally take the rap.

Evenflo: Hell, no! *fixes hair* Hello, officer. What seems to be the problem?

Jason:  Good afternoon, ladies. Excuse me, it's a mighty hot day today.

Evenflo: *eyes him appreciatively* Yes, very hot.

Jason: So, what's going on? Y'all are speeding down the street like you're late for a hot date. 

Evenflo: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, honest. My friend here was giving me an interview for her blog and I guess I wasn't paying attention to how fast I was going. 

Jason: *scoffs* A blog? What type of blog? A sexual one? *remembers dancing for Lafayette for his internet site*

Evenflo: *chuckles* No, not like that. 

Jason: All right then. License and registration, please. I suggest you hand them right over to me. If you don't, I'll take that as a form of resistance. *slides glasses down the bridge of his nose* You wouldn't want to resist me, would you?

Evenflo: *stares at his 6-pack abs* No, sir. *giggles and hands over documents* 

Jason: Hang tight, ladies. I'll be right back. *walks away*

Evenflo: *fans self* OMG he's so gorgeous! 

SL23: Maybe I should tell him I'm hiding illegal contraband on my body so he can search me.*laughs* 

Evenflo: Mmhm...

SL23: Well, while we wait for him to come back, let me continue asking you questions so I can distract myself from that gorgeous man. *fans self* Is 'Instincts' finished? If not, how many more chappies do you have planned?

Evenflo:  Ummm, it probably should be finished since I've been working on it for over a year now. But, no, it's not complete. I think - and this is just a best guess - it has maybe 10 chapters left.

I never really know a specific number. I just have things to cover, and a story to tell, sometimes it takes longer than others. Sometimes it takes less. *gazes longingly at Jason thru her side mirror* 

SL23: I totally understand! Now what part does the show True Blood play in your fic? Did you search spoilers and integrate them as much as you could in the story, or is everything completely your idea/s? Was there anything you and Alan Ball ended up using that surprised you?

Evenflo: I tend to stay away from spoilers as a general rule. So anything that happened prior to the new season's start that was similar was purely coincidental. Now that the season has ended, I do plan to add at least one thing to my story that Alan Ball came up with. I sort of love the Jason/Jessica bit and it'll be integrated into 'Instincts' too.

As far as similarities, Alan Ball did have Lafayette in league with the witches - at least a little bit. And I did sort of foresee it going that way. Lafayette in 'Instincts' has gotten himself involved with the witches as well, so I was kind of proud I'd caught that angle he seemed to be going.

Although, in 'Instincts', Lafayette's witch history and involvement will be going a bit differently. Other than that, I suspect 'Instincts' will be quite different than True Blood season 4.

SL23: Oh! I can't wait to read what you come up with and I know I'll love it. However, I don't know if it'll beat out my favorite scene where Sookie decides to get Bill's blood out of her system. Eric then tells her of a spell and they both set off to get the ingredients. What happened next was so hott! I just loved it and it's my favorite part of your fic. Do you have a favorite part of 'Instincts'?

Evenflo: Oh, Julie, I have no clue. I loved writing that bit, and I've actually had a few readers who told me how much they enjoyed it, and loved how Bill was strange enough to keep hair clippings in his house. (Which is the ingredient Eric & Sookie needed to concoct the potion to break the blood bond in 'Instincts'.)

That part was very entertaining to me. Picture Sookie and Eric, sneaking into Bill Compton's home, upstairs and into his bathroom, where he keeps small trimmings of his hair in little baggies. Oh yes, that was very, very fun. So silly and stupid, but I loved the idea of it.

It's very hard to pick a particular scene that I love more than others, because I tend to hate them later on. If that makes sense *chuckles*

I think, maybe, my favorite scene hasn't happened yet, but will be coming up soon. Maybe. Possibly. Eric and Sookie haven't even done the deed yet. *giggles*

SL23: Yes! I can totally see your point. Well speaking of coming soon, what are you working on right now and do you have any future plans on upcoming fics?

EvenfloHAHA! Most everyone knows, I'm a huge fan of taking on more stories than I can handle. So, let's see, where should I start?

I have two other SVM stories, both of which are surprise pairings.

The first one titled, 'Failing in Love', is all human, and features a sexy, sassy Sookie. She's very flirtatious and outgoing. Although there will be a bit of a dynamic between more than one male love interest in her life, as well as a bit of drama and angst, this is a pretty fun and light story. Lots of humor. I'm enjoying getting back into this one.

The next is an alternate universe story titled, 'Alone I Break'. I sort of began again with this one and forgot about most of what happened in the books. This Sookie is different, her past has been hard, and she doesn't trust anyone very easily. She's actually quite wary of people. She's kind of kickass though, to be honest, and I'm having a great time writing her. More action and drama in this one, since we're dealing with vamps and other supes. There are similarities between this and the books, but things don't at all go the same way.

I also have a Twilight story titled, 'Accidental' and a drabble fic named 'Brand New Socks' that goes along with it. It's a Jasper/Bella pairing in this story, and is slightly AU from the books. It won't be a long story, maybe 6-8 chapters at most. I kind of took liberties with Jasper and Bella's gifts. She's a shield, he's an empath, but when you mix them together everything gets amplified. So many possiblities.

As for others, there's almost always another story cooking somewhere in the back of my brain. But I think I've bitten off enough for the moment and need to focus on these until they're complete. Who knows what will come after that? I know there will be something though. I don't think I can stop. I'm addicted. And I love it. *grins*

SL23: Well, we love everything you write and I can't wait to catch up on all your stories. *sees Jason approaching in the rear view mirror* Oh, here he comes again. Let me ask you one more thing - the obligatory question - what was your first SVM fic and what are you reading right now?

Evenflo: *talks quickly* Can I just hide really quick? Just run away, and not answer that question? No, no, I won't do that. I'll be honest, I'm not reading a single story right now. I want to, I really do, but I haven't had the time to start anything. I suck, I know. Feel free to hang me up and spank me. I'm a bad girl.

As for the first story I read, I think I read a whole lot of not-so-great Twilight stories before I found a fic that kind of stuck with me. 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' by BonTempsCutie was the first SVM story I remember reading, and it read it before I signed up for Shame on me, because I don't even know if I ever went back and reviewed it. I probably should, because I loved it so very much, and it inspired me to write my very own.

SL23: Well, it's never too late. There are several fics I need to go back and review myself! Oh, he's back, but why did he put his clothes on? *looks at Jason* 
Evenflo: Mmhm...can't decide which is better. I love a man in uniform. Hello, Officer. 

Jason:  Well, everything checks out. I'm going to let you ladies off with a warning. *hands paperwork over*

Evenflo:  *makes to take paperwork, but Jason takes it away* 

Jason: On the condition that you beautiful ladies stop by Merlotte's down the road over there. I'm off duty now and I'd like to ask you a few questions about your interview. *licks lips hungrily*

Evenflo: *grins* We'll meet you there. 

Jason: *hands over the paperwork* Until then, ladies. *leaves*

Evenflo: *starts car and drives to Merlotte's* You down, Julie? 

SL23: I still need to make some stops and collect some more info,  so looks like you're on your own. How about we meet back later? 

Evenflo:  Sounds like a plan. I might take awhile, though. Things might just heat up. *imagines what she'll do with Jason* 

SL23: Have fun tonight, Kristy! Thanks so much for answering my questions. ;)
Hope y’all enjoyed that interview just as much as Evenflo78 and I did! *giggles* Make sure and check out her story - 'Instincts'. It’s a definite must read! ;)


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